About Us

Sebastian Purcell, PhD

Founder, Chief Investment Officer

Image of Elyse Purcell

Elyse Purcell, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Our Story

The Art of The Bubble began in a university classroom. We had been teaching students how to apply the tools of logic to real-life situations like the stock market.

We soon learned that most students knew next to nothing about the market and so began to develop lessons and meet with students outside ordinary hours just to teach them the basics. Starting from these origins, our team continues to use data analytics as its backbone for thinking about broad trends in the macroeconomy. Then we monitor the health of specific industries and focus on selecting the “bubbliest” stocks and coins in those industries to trade.

Driven by Values

We’re political lefties who hold that the financial system is broken. We want to equip the small trader with useful tools to even the score a little.

That’s why we give away all of our basic lessons and why we keep our services affordable.

Why Subscribe?

Social media has changed our relationships, our dating lives, and now trading and investing.

The result is that bubbles are everywhere.

Bubbles are irrational, but they offer small investors the opportunity to make life-changing trades in unprecedentedly short periods of time. The Art of The Bubble focuses on testable, data-driven strategies to make sense of these bubbles in cryptocurrencies, cannabis, and everything bubbly.

Some of our recent (2021) trades include a 782% return on Tilray and a 17.7x trade on Ethereum.

Subscribers get access to these trades in real-time so that they can verify on their own. They get access to the output of algorithms that inform these decisions, depending on their plan. Finally, they get access to a learning community to bring up new topics and troubleshoot issues as they come up on Discord.

  • You will learn testable methods for investing and trading that can produce high returns and move you towards financial freedom.
  • No prior knowledge about trading or investing is assumed.
  • I am a full time, professional teacher with multiple teaching awards, so I actually know how to convey information.