Welcome To The Art of the Bubble

Helping you achieve Financial Freedom through investing

The Art of the Bubble has two main goals to teach investing education and strategies to help the small trader achieve financial freedom.

Goal #1 – Teach people how to achieve financial freedom using testable strategies.

I’m a professional philosopher, logician and socialist. I’d like to redistribute some of the money that wealthy people have. Since that’s not going to happen any time soon, the best thing I can do is teach middle-class people how to make money in the one area of the world that makes the most money: financial investments.

This is redistribution by democratizing education.

To succeed in this plan, then, I actually need to teach you something workable. I’m not going to sell you something based on emotional hype where 2 out of 100 of my subscribers make money and then hold them up as a false representation of what you can do.

I want you all to succeed.

Goal #2 – Save 10,000 Lives

Every day people are dying of easily curable diseases. It takes about $200 to save one child’s life. I have enough money for myself and I just can’t square having more luxuries when children are dying. 

So I’m going to use the money from this newsletter to save lives. I make personal donations too, but this will help.

The present plan is to deliver the money primarily to Oxfam. If you have better ideas, drop me a line.

What This Means For You: Learning Investing Strategies

I plan to teach you how to trade and invest well. I’ll continue to do it for free.

My paid subscription, however, will be more detailed, more regular, and will even include trading strategies signals that you can follow yourself.

And if you decide to subscribe to it, 100% of your proceeds will also go to charity. You’ll learn something, make money, and help the world at the same time.

Some Context About Me

Academically, my three areas of interest are

  1. ancient comparative work (I study ethics and happiness cross-culturally),
  2. contemporary political theory (I’m a socialist),
  3. and logic (this training is why I do algorithmic programming).

Those areas are connected. I can’t redistribute the money of rich people to make all of us happier, so the next best thing I can do is teach people how to live a life free from financial burdens.

I live in upstate NY with my wife, three cats, and (soon) one adopted child.

A Site Map: Investing Education and Strategies to Achieve Financial Freedom

Most of the items on this site are fairly self-explanatory. Just follow the lessons like a book. You can skip ahead, but they’ll make the most sense going in order. Here are the starting lessons my investing education series. Whether you follow the lessons here on your own or join the community on Discord, my hope is for you to achieve financial freedom you desire.

Lesson #1 – Don’t Try to Guess The Top of A Bubble (Instead, Get Burned A Little).

Lesson #2: Momentum methodology gives you a data-backed way to make big returns on volatile items.

Lesson #3: Slightly more complex strategies do better, and that’s why learning how to trade bubbles is an art.

Lesson #4: Learn to Use a Lead Indicator (Why Being Late Pays More).